Textile Pick Up

Doorstep Textile Pick Up Pilot Program for Colorado Residents

Tailors Union will pick-up for FREE -for a limited time only- your unwanted textiles at your doorstep! If you would like to donate$25, great! If not, just press the “V” button that takes you to the next slide, and press “SUBMIT”.

Our goal is to keep the textiles regionally utilized, creating jobs, & keeping textiles out of landfill.

What’s the problem with “donating” clothing & textiles?

“Many of the garments we donate, return, or “recycle,” get shipped overseas to communities where this waste stream creates social and environmental damage.  For example, more than 15 million ‘donated’ garments arrive every week to the port in Accra, Ghana — a region of only 4 million people. Without infrastructure or capacity to handle this influx of waste from other regions, most of the items transported there end up in landfills, roadsides, or directly in the ocean, creating a devastating amount of pollution.

Mending inevitably leads to less waste. Our items that might have been thrown away can have second, third, and fourth lives, easing the strain on our waste streams and preventing our waste from becoming a burden to other communities.”

Mending Clothes & Textiles Is a Mindful Act of Resistance to Destructive Systems article from Fibershed Blogpost

Are you a non-profit that works with our unhoused community, and need size appropriate clothing for them? Email us : Fit @ TailorsUnion.com what our community needs, & we will work towards fulfilling those needs !

Textile Flow Map