How to Decolonize Fashion

HOW TO DECOLONIZE FASHION by debranding textiles

Meditational sewing for the embodied slow fashion artisan with Bazzley Ross aka b a rose aka Brose before bros aka Baily Rose.

If you don’t wanna do this → 

BOOK with our Slow Fashion Artisans at to debrand a garment for you starting at $5 each tag ! 

-Each tag is usually $5 – smaller tags $3 depending on location of brand & fabric. 

-Minimum order required $25: Please bring multiple items at once to streamline the process (notice from this one garment, there were 4 branded tags, not including the care tag, which could have also been taken out and saved. Debranding the garment would have been $25)

If you’re a slow fashion artisan, please sign up with us, so we can send you customers! 

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We aim to pay artisans $50/hour. 

Tools You’ll Need:

  • Time
  • Space
  • Well lit area : Natural sunlight preferred with artificial lighting to supplement
  • Hand Agility
  • Sight
  • Seam Ripper / Thread Picker / Thing a ma jigger that does the job 
  • Needle & Thread to Sew Back Seams / Sewing Machine 
  • Ability & Skill to Sew 

How to Decolonize / Debrand Textiles / Clothing : 

  1. Identify Stitching holding the colonization / brand tied to the fabric. 
  2. Rip All the Stitches Out that is holding the colonization / brand to the fabric: Be Careful not to rip or tear fabric. Keep sharp edges turned away from fabric. Remember to cut / push away from fabric and your body. Be careful not to cut yourself, too! Keep rainbow bandaids nearby for fabulous safety precautions at all times. 
  3. Remove Colonization (brand / tag) . Save in an envelope, stapled to a piece of paper telling the story of your experience. 
  4. Remove Thread.
  5. Re-sew seams if needed. 
  6. Be Fabulous.
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  8. Please sign up as a Slow Fashion Artisan at if you’d like to offer this service to the public. We will send you customers!
  9. Please venmo $1-11 donation to @Baily-Rose to pay her for teaching this.
  10. Thank you sew much for being you. 

Sow Seeds of Thoughts While You Sew

While practicing this exercise:

-you can thank the garment worker who sewed the original garment together

-Honor the hard work they put into making the piece

-Think about healing and breaking patterns as you break through all the threads.

– If you need to sew seams back together, you can think about sewing your intentions into the piece as you do. Whatever comes to you.

-Please share & tag @TailorsUnion on instagram of course 🙂 

-Think about the ways taking a brand off your body, that doesn’t completely resonate with you, frees your body.

You advertise your true self. You honor your true self. You work for your true self, you see other people for their true selves, you work with people in ways that honor their true selves, so we can all live authentically in community as our true selves… not some colonized, branded, capitalized sell out. 

If you’re a slow fashion artisan that would like to book 30 minutes of virtual sewing help, book time with Bazzley here:


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