What is a Slow Fashion Artisan?

Once you gain an understanding of what Slow Fashion is (reference previous post if needed), a Slow Fashion Artisan, or SFA for short, is the umbrella term the Tailors Union uses to define the workers that are the foundation of this movement. SFAs name themselves as Tailors, Alteration Specialists, Repair Specialists, Menders, Upcyclers, Creative WasteContinue reading “What is a Slow Fashion Artisan?”

What is Slow Fashion?

“Slow design enables a richer interaction between designer & maker; maker & garment; garment & user. A strong bond of relationships is formed, which permeates far beyond the garment manufacturing chain.
Slow fashion is a glimpse of a different – & more sustainable – future for the textile & clothing sector & an opportunity for business to be done in a way that respects workers, environment & consumers in equal measure. Such a future is but a garment away.” – Kate Fletcher